A Hard Slog to Kokoda

An unprepared Marion Frith joined the commemorative trek into Kokoda, arriving on the 50th anniversary of the date of its recapture by Australian troops, November 2, 1942, after three months of bitter fighting across the notorious Kokoda Track.  She found the rugged jungle terrain as back-breaking and soul-destroying today as it was for the young, ill-trained and outnumbered Diggers who fought with remarkable spirit to eventually force the Japanese back from their objective of Port Moresby.

The Canberra Times 
Sunday, November 15, 1992

Walking Among Ghosts

With just a high school level of war history and new boots, a rather underprepared Mark Watson follows in the footsteps of our Diggers. In PNG, he discovers a new challenge – and a whole lotta pain.

Walking among ghosts
BY Mark Watson 
National Geographic Magazine

The Enshrinement of Kokoda

After serving 21 years in the Australian army, Major Charlie Lynn was invited to organise a race over the Kokoda Trail in 1991. Seeing its abandonment and neglect over 49 sad years, Charlie was moved to do something about it. This was a pivotal moment and he has since never looked back.

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