Book your Adventure Kokoda Trek

Deposit to secure your booking: $500.00

The balance of your payment is payable 60 days prior to the departure date of your trek.

Adventure Kokoda treks are available for people aged between 16 and 70 years of age. Teenagers between the age of 14 and 16 will be accepted if accompanied by a parent.

1. Your Trekkers Agreement

  1. I acknowledge that Adventure Kokoda is the organiser of the "Kokoda Trek" across the Kokoda Trail, in Papua New Guinea.
  2. I agree to participate in this trek subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.
  3. I acknowledge the trek is a "recreational activity" (as defined in the NSW Civil Liability Act and the Trade Practices Act) which involves significant risk of physical harm.
  4. I agree to release and indemnify Adventure Kokoda, and Adventure Kokoda Trek Leaders, in the manner set out in this agreement.
  5. I acknowledge that I have received appropriate warnings as to the risks associated with the Kokoda Trail including (without limitation) from Adventure Kokoda:
    1. The hazardous nature of the terrain and waterways;
    2. The physically arduous nature of the Trek;
    3. Criminal or malicious acts of people who may be encountered on the Trek;
    4. Becoming lost or disoriented;
    5. Injury or illness caused by plant or animal life;
    6. Injury or illness as a result of exposure to the elements;
    7. Illness as a result of the consumption of food or drink in the course of the Trek;
    8. Illness as a result of contracting disease including (without limitation) cholera, malaria, typhoid, tetanus and hepatitis.
  6. I acknowledge the significant risks inherent in participation in the Trek and agree that:
    1. In order to safely complete the Trek I will require a high level of physical and medical fitness and exceptional endurance ability;
    2. I will need to take appropriate medical precautions and advice before during and after the Trek to avoid illness or disease;
    3. I have been advised to consult a medical practitioner prior to commencement of the Trek;
    4. I agree to take my own safety precautions and first aid equipment and all such items as specified by Adventure Kokoda;
    5. I acknowledge that I have to effect appropriate travel and health insurance cover as a condition of participating in the trek.
    6. I acknowledge that I have been advised that international air tickets should be flexible to allow for a change of trek dates for any reason.
  7. I agree:
    1. To assume full responsibility for all risks associated with participation in the Trek;
    2. That Adventure Kokoda is not responsible for your safety;
    3. That I will act in accordance with all reasonable instructions given by Adventure Kokoda and/or its trek guides in and about the Trek.
  8. I hereby release and indemnify Adventure Kokoda from and against all actions, proceedings, claims, damages, liabilities, suits, demands, losses, costs, fees and expenses whatsoever incurred or arising out of my/our participation in the Trek, notwithstanding any negligence on the part of Adventure Kokoda, its employees, agents or contractors.
  9. I acknowledge that the deposit I pay for my trek is non-refundable. I acknowledge that I have been advised to take out a personal travel insurance policy to protect me against any medical or compassionate reason which might prevent me from participating in the trek.
  10. I acknowledge that I have been advised to engage a Personal Carrier if I am not in peak condition. I acknowledge and agree that I will pay the full fee for a Personal Carrier plus a surcharge of $150 if I have to engage a Personal Carrier during the trek.
  11. In the event of engaging a Personal Carrier I agree to keep the weight of my camping gear, first aid items, trek snacks, clothing and toiletries to a maximum of 15 kg.
  12. I acknowledge that in the event of my withdrawal from the trek for any reason whatsoever I will be responsible to meet all of my transport, food, medical and accommodation expenses in Port Moresby. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to lodge a claim for these expenses against my travel insurance policy.
  13. I acknowledge that Adventure Kokoda is not liable for any personal, medical, transport, food or accommodation expenses if I have to withdraw from the trek for any reason.
  14. I agree that the interpretation of this Agreement will be governed by the law in the State of New South Wales and submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts in the State of New South Wales in respect of all matters arising hereunder.

2. Your Trek & Dates

Status Price
Bernie Rowell Taking Bookings $4,895 $4,495 $4,595 $3,795
Peter Morrison Taking Bookings $4,895 $4,495 $4,595 $3,795
Chad Sherrin Taking Bookings $5,595 $5,295 $5,395 $4,595

3. Your Details

4. Your Passport Details

Please enter your details EXACTLY as they appear in your passport

You can send through your passport details later if you do not already have these

5. Your Emergency Contact

6. Your Dietary Information

7. Your Medical Information

Medical Self Evaluation

8. Your Accommodation

9. Comments and Notes

10. Terms & Conditions

Trek Inclusions:

  • Specialist Australian Expedition Leader as your battlefield/historical guide (for Australian led treks)
  • Public Liability Insurance Protection (limit of A$10 million per claim)
  • Return international airfare (for bookings ex-Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane or Sydney)
  • Charter airfare between Port Moresby and Kokoda
  • Airport/accommodation transfers whilst in Port Moresby
  • Accommodation in Port Moresby on a twin-share basis
  • Breakfast and dinner in Port Moresby on first and last day
  • 23 kg baggage allowance on international flight
  • Group Carriers
  • Kokoda Track Authority Trek Fee
  • Village campsite/guesthouse fees
  • 24/7 contact with our rear link in Port Moresby
  • All meals during the trek
  • Group First Aid Kit
  • All group trekking gear – safety ropes, machetes, shovels, tarpaulins, etc
  • Individual mosquito proof tent
  • Prepaid departure taxes from Australia
  • Topographical Map
  • Polo shirt with embroidered Kokoda logo
  • Certificate of completion
  • Backpack 75L included when you engage a Personal Carrier
  • Paddy Pallin 15% discount on trekking clothing and equipment


  • Passport
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Anti-malarial medication/inoculations as recommended
  • Backpack or Daypack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Personal clothing and equipment as recommended
  • Personal first-aid items as recommended
  • Personal expenses in Port Moresby - telephone calls, alcoholic drinks, room service, laundry, etc
  • Excess baggage (over the 23 kg allowance on international flight)
  • Personal Carrier

Payment Schedule

A deposit of $500 per person is payable on confirmation of booking. The deposit is non-refundable.

Balance of payment due is payable 60 days prior to departure.

Cancellation Notice and Charges

Cancellation of confirmed bookings is to be in writing. The following penalties will apply:

  • 60-21 days prior to departure: Loss of deposit plus 50% of trek payment.

  • Less than 21 days: Loss of 100% of trek payment

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory for all trekkers.

We strongly recommend you take out personal travel insurance at the time you pay your deposit to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances such a personal injury during training or because you might have a compassionate reason that could prevent you from joining the trek you have booked on.

You are required to have a personal travel insurance policy at least 60 days prior to the departure date of your trek. Your travel insurance policy must include provision for

  • emergency evacuation from anywhere along the track by helicopter, aircraft, or porters to Port Moresby;

  • medical treatment in Port Moresby and/or Australia as appropriate;

  • payment of hospital bills and repatriation back to Australia if necessary;

  • travel delays; lost/delayed luggage; lost/stolen money;

  • death and disability cover.

You are required to advise Adventure Kokoda of your Policy Number and Insurance Company and certify that it includes the above requirements.

Air tickets

If you book ex-Port Moresby and arrange your own international air tickets you must ensure you are able to transfer them to another date should your trek be cancelled or postponed for any reason.  Adventure Kokoda will not be responsible for any loss due to air tickets that are not transferable to another time or date.

Credit Card Charge

A surcharge is applicable on all payments made by credit card.  This varies according to the normal rate charged by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, etc.


You will need to have a current passport - which MUST be valid for six months from the return date of your travel.


You will need to arrange for an entry Visa into PNG.  Visa on Arrival (VOA) can be obtained for eligible countries.  Visit the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship website for further information or contact your nearest PNG Diplomatic Mission.  The visa will be valid for six months from the time of issue.

Price Variation

The trek price may change at any time due to international currency fluctuations, Australian/PNG airport tax departure variations, airline fuel surcharges, and other charges.

These variations would not normally be charged to you after your full payment has been received. However if the variations are substantial you will have the option of canceling your trip and receiving a full refund or upgrading to a later trek.

Tour Variation

PNG has been referred to as 'the land of the unexpected'.  It is a developing nation and as such we cannot accept responsibility for accident, loss, injury, disappointment, delay in irregularity in flight accommodation, transportation and other services provided on your trip.

Application for any refunds due to any of these unforeseen circumstances must be made in writing.  Any claim must be limited to the cost of the service.  Adventure Kokoda does not accept liability for any additional costs for airline or transportation delays.  In the event of any legal action against Adventure Kokoda the client/travel agent agrees where and/or accepting travel documents that such action will take place under the terms of the laws of the independent nation of Papua New Guinea.

Trek Itinerary Variations

Adventure Kokoda reserves the right to:

  • change direction of the trek from Owers Corner to Kokoda or from Kokoda to Owers Corner if there are less than 10 trekkers booked on a particular direction; and

  • make any variations to the trek itinerary in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Personal Carrier

If you are not in peak physical condition you are strongly advised to engage a Personal Carrier prior to your departure from Australia.

If you are required to engage a Personal Carrier during your trek, you will be required to pay the full fee plus a $150 surcharge.  Adventure Kokoda cannot guarantee the engagement of personal carriers during any trek.

Withdrawal from the Trek

If you have to withdraw from the trek for medical or any other reason you will be required to return to Australia on the first available international flight.

If you are evacuated from the trek for any reason you will be required to meet any personal accommodation, transport and medical expenses incurred whilst in Port Moresby and claim these against your personal travel insurance policy.

Adventure Kokoda will not accept liability for any such expenses.

Personal Health Requirements

The Kokoda Trail crosses the rugged and remote Owen Stanley ranges in Papua New Guinea.  The trek across the trail is a physically arduous challenge in a hot, humid and wet tropical environment. You therefore need to have a high standard of physical fitness and be free of physical ailments and handicaps.


You are advised to arrange for an appointment with your Medical Doctor to arrange for complete health check-up and fitness test due to the remote and physically challenging nature of the trek across the Kokoda Trail.

11. Do you need any of these extras? (Optional)

Deposit due now: $500.00

Balance due 60 days before trek start: -

Total: -

**An additional $15 is charged for credit card payments to cover the cost of credit card surcharges and processing fees.